Rubbish Removal – Hampton Hill, TW12

Disused items, redundant appliances, old furniture, renovation leftovers etc. are all examples of household waste which should not be tolerated but disposed of as quickly as possible. We know how much of a nuisance getting rid of domestic junk can be, this is why we want to extend our excellent service options to you and your household! Residential customers based in TW12 can take full advantage of the most efficient and affordable junk removals in Hampton Hill – we know our work inside out and will deal with rubbish accordingly.

We handle the removal of a wide variety of (nonhazardous) domestic waste, either big or small! We will expertly deal with disposal of:

  • General household rubbish, small bits and pieces of clutter scattered in hard to reach places;
  • After builders junk, post renovation rubbish, leftover/discarded construction materials;
  • Garage and basement rubbish, disused tools, equipment, machinery etc.
  • Redundant white goods, old/broken furniture pieces, awkward/heavy items;
  • Garden rubbish, green refuse, backyard junk, discarded exterior features, decorations etc.
  • All types of household WEEE Directive waste;

In order to cancel out the margin for error and ensure safe removal of waste without risk of damage or personal injury, the company employs qualified and experienced waste management technicians. Removal of waste off the property is done in specialised, fully equipped vehicles of the necessary size and load capacity. Our entire fleet is made up of low emission waste removal vehicles.

Fastest rubbish removal for clients in Hampton Hill

Low Cost Rubbish Removal TW12 - Hampton HillWhen it comes to sustainability, our rubbish removals in Hampton Hill always deliver. We deposits recyclable waste like plastic, paper, wood, glass and metal to specialised treatment facilities for further processing. The company has permission for using all junk/waste depots in London. Waste transfer notes will be provided back to customers upon request.

Since we want to keep our junk removal services easily accessible by all customers, we apply flexible pricing schemes and provide individually prepared service quotes. For a more accurate estimate we can come out to your address for a viewing and an onsite quotation.

Low cost and efficient waste clearance in TW12

Clients Told Us

We are a licensed, registered and insured junk removal company in Hampton Hill, as such we are certified and qualified to perform specialised services like skip hire and house clearance, neither of which require any permits of waiting periods on behalf of customers.

We are available for booking seven days a week, under flexible hours. Customers have access to round the clock assistance via phone and email. Late night operations and last minute bookings welcome.

Hampton Hill used to be known as New Hampton. Although the area’s name refers to a hill, there is no actual hill in Hampton Hill, but a slightly elevated portion of land near the riverfront. Prior to the enclosure act of eighteen eleven, the land occupied by Hampton Hill today was plains and fields used for grazing cattle. The only two notable structures there at the time were the local windmill, and Upper Lodge manor house. The mill was built in the late seventeen hundreds for milling/grinding of corn and grain. Although living conditions weren’t very good at all, in the eighteen fifties, Hampton Hill attracted many traders (twenty four of them to be precise) and many labourers who were looking for work at the local waterworks.