Rubbish Removal – Hackney Marshes, E9

When faced with large scale or tricky domestic rubbish removal requirements, by all means make life easier on yourself by using one of our highly efficient and very affordable junk removal services in Hackney Marshes. We cover the entire E9 area, seven days a week, no exceptions. Customers should turn to us for the quick and safe removal and disposal of basically all types of nonhazardous household waste, such as:

  • After builders rubbish, post renovation leftovers, discarded construction supplies (except for asbestos and asbestos containing materials);
  • Garage junk, basement rubbish, old power tools, disused machinery (fuel and oil must be drain of equipment prior to removal);
  • Green refuse, garden debris, backyard junk of all shapes and sizes, unwanted exterior property features and garden decorations;
  • Old furniture pieces, redundant white goods, awkward/heavy/bulky pieces of household waste;
  • All types of old/damaged household electronics and all other examples of domestic WEEE waste;

Insured Rubbish Clearance E9 - Hackney MarshesWe are a certified, registered and insured junk removal company in Hackney Marshes, as such we are qualified to provide additional service options like:

  • Specialised skip hire – no permits or waiting periods required to use the service;
  • Top to bottom house clearance – quick, safe and efficient removal of the property’s entire contents;

All work carried out by specially trained and qualified waste management technicians who go about their duties with professional pace, precision and efficiency.

Preliminary job viewings can be requested for all services. Waste collected from anywhere on the property.

Leading rubbish removal – Hackney Marshes, E9

Our domestic rubbish removals in Hackney Marshes ensure responsible means of waste disposal. We have permits for using all London junk depots where we deposit recyclable waste for further processing. If requested, we will return valid waste transfer notes back to customers.

Cost wise, our junk removals in Hackney Marshes will be a pleasant surprise. There are no steep costs or hidden fees. We form our quotes on an individual basis (onsite if necessary) and offer customised pricing on all services we provide.

The company maintains high availability during all days and easily accommodates last minute bookings and overnight service requests. Customers have access to attentive and punctual assistance over phone and email, available twenty four seven.

Hackney Marshes is basically grassland, occupying the eastern bank of the River Lea. The area was incorporated into The Lea Valley Park in the second half of the nineteen sixties. As its name suggests, the district was originally a bog which was later on drained extensively in order to dry it and make the land usable. Much of the rubble from buildings destroyed in German bombing raids in WWII was transported and dumped all around the drained marsh in order to lay the foundations of solid ground. Hackney Marshes contains portion of the Olympic Park for the twenty twelve Summer Olympics held in London. Geographically, the Hackney Marsh itself is one of the largest green open spaces in London, engulfing hundred and thirty six hectares of protected common land. Before the drainage of the marsh, it was an important natural waterway which was navigable all the way up to Hertfordshire.