Junk Removal – Goodmayes, IG3

Don’t waste valuable resources and precious free time in dealing with domestic rubbish on your own, when you can secure our manpower and expertise at a very reasonable price. We are a fully licensed, registered and insured junk removal company in Goodmayes, dealing with all types of domestic and office rubbish removals. We have the industry experience and technical capacity to organise and handle every stage of the waste removal with professional punctuality and efficiency.

  1. We cover the entire IG3 area seven days a week, no exceptions.
  2. We work with specially trained and qualified waste management technicians.
  3. We maintain a fleet of purpose-built waste removal vehicles of various sizes and load capacity.
  4. We arrange for preliminary job viewings and onsite quotations for a more accurate price estimate.
  5. We have permission for using all junk/waste processing depots in London.
  6. We are certified to provide specialised skip hire and comprehensive house clearances.
  7. We remove waste from anywhere on the premises, including hard to reach areas.

Our junk removals in Goodmayes are the practical and affordable solution customers need. We offer custom tailored pricing on all services. We provide individually prepared service quotes and only charge for rubbish actually collected. There are no hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges.

Unmatched prices for rubbish removal in Goodmayes

Best Rubbish Hauling IG3 - GoodmayesWe understand and appreciate the importance of responsible means of waste disposal, this is why we have made our rubbish removals in Goodmayes sustainable, ecofriendly solutions which aim to reduce the environmental toll of consumer society. We deposit all recyclable waste to specialised treatment facilities for further processing. Customers will be provided with valid waste transfer notes upon request.

We maintain high availability during all days and easily accommodate for last minute bookings and overnight service requests. Customers receive round the clock support via phone and email, seven days a week.

Our versatile and convenient junk removal services in Goodmayes are ideal for removal and disposal of things like:

  • After builders junk / post renovation leftovers / discarded construction supplies;
  • Garage and basement rubbish, old tools equipment and machinery;
  • Green refuse, garden debris, backyard junk of all shapes & sizes;
  • Old furniture, redundant appliances, bulky/awkward items;
  • All types of domestic WEEE waste;
  • General nonhazardous domestic waste, including small bits and pieces;

Goodmayes is multicultural suburb of northeast London. Most people support the theory that the name Goodmayes comes from a fourteenth century local landlord by the name of John Godemay. However, some historians say it is actually the other way around – the landowner adopted the name of the district, which was already in use at the time. Before the eighteen hundreds, Goodmayes was fields and plains – there was no construction, infrastructure etc. The first developer to work the area was Cameron Corbett. He designed and laid out the Mayfair Estate – south of the railway line crossing the district. Mr Corbett was Scottish by origins and many of the streets in the estate reflect this in their naming. Being a savvy developer, Cameron Corbett wanted to ensure the success of his venture and the popularity of his housing estate, so he pressed for a train station to be constructed and put in operation as soon as physically possible. The station became a reality in nineteen o one. Shortly after, two shopping parades were opened on Goodmayes Road and on High Road.