Waste Removal – Gidea Park, RM2

If you are looking for the most efficient and affordable way to get rid of household rubbish without too much fuss or timewasting, then by all means turn to us – the most reliable and professional junk removal company in Gidea Park. Our specialised clearance services in RM2 are available for booking by all customers in the area, seven days a week, no exceptions.

So, how can be of help? Well, we have the expertise, capacity and manpower available as to be able to organise and carry out any rubbish removal despite its scale or complexity.

Here is some essential information on how and why we do things:

  • All work concerning our junk removals in Gidea Park is carried out by trained and qualified waste management technicians who have the necessary skills and expertise for the job;
  • In order to remove all waste off the premises quickly and efficiently, we maintain a fleet of specialised waste removal vehicles of various sizes and load capacity;
  • We come out to you for viewings and onsite quotations – this helps us estimate the service more accurately and offer you the best possible price;
  • We stick to flexible pricing schemes as to meet specific budget requirements, there are no hidden fees – we only charge for rubbish actually removed;
  • We implement an extensive recycle and reuse program for salvageable waste material, we have permission for using all London junk depots where we deposit glass, paper, plastic, metal and wood waste material for further processing;
  • We are fully licensed, registered and insured, thus we also provide specialised skip hire and comprehensive house clearances, no permits or waiting periods required to use either service;
  • We maintain high availability and accommodate for last minute bookings and overnight service requests without any extra fuss or hassle for our customers;
  • We provide punctual and attentive round the clock customer support via phone and email, seven days a week;

Gidea Park’s best rubbish removal company

Affordable Junk Removal RM2 - Gidea ParkOur versatile and inexpensive junk removal services in Gidea Park are perfect for removal and disposal of things like:

  • General (nonhazardous) domestic waste, including nuisance small bits and pieces;
  • After builders & post renovation rubbish, leftover/discarded construction supplies;
  • Garage and basement junk, old tools equipment and machinery;
  • Garden debris, green refuse, backyard junk of all shapes and sizes;
  • Old furniture, redundant white goods, bulky/awkward items;
  • Damaged / unused household electronics (all other WEEE waste);

Gidea Park in East London is also known by its original name Romford Garden Suburb. By default intent, Gidea Park was a high-class garden suburb devised specially for wealthy Londoners who wanted to live in the countryside. The exact etymology of the name Gidea Park is not known, but it comes from Old English. Once, one of the most notable structures in the area was Gidea Hall a manor house of outlandishly architecture which stood in the district from the thirteenth century to the early sixteenth century. The estate featured extensive and fertile orange and melon orchards, as well as vineyards and landscaped gardens. After demolition of the original building, construction began on the next Gidea Hall manor which survived all the way to the nineteen thirties. The Garden Suburb Project began after the arrival of the railways in nineteen ten.