Rubbish Removal – Gants Hill, IG2

We can handle all of your domestic rubbish removal requirements quickly, safely and efficiently – just as expected and required of the most reliable junk removal company in Gants Hill – which is what we are. With years of relevant industry experience, extensive technical capacity and the most skilled and well trained waste management technicians working for us – we are the reliable and efficient service partner you need.

Our expertise and capacity, allows us to deal effectively with all types of nonhazardous domestic waste, including but not limited to:

  • General household waste, including small bits and pieces of clutter;
  • Garage and basement rubbish, old tools equipment and machinery*;
  • Garden debris, green refuse, backyard junk of all shapes and sizes;
  • After builders & post renovation rubbish, leftover/discarded construction materials**;
  • Redundant appliances, old furniture, awkward/ bulky items;
  • Old/damaged household electronics, all other types of WEEE waste;

*Oil and fuel must be drained of such equipment before removal and disposal, thank you.

** Except for asbestos, and asbestos containing materials, thank you.

Comprehensive home clearance in IG2

As we need to ensure the quick and efficient removal of waste off your premises, we maintain a fleet of specially equipped rubbish removal vehicles of various sizes and load capacity. Our waste removal teams will arrive fully equipped for the job.

Reliable Rubbish Removal IG2 - Gants HillOur junk removal services in Gants Hill also cover specialised skip hire, as well as comprehensive house clearances. We maintain skips of different sizes in order to be more flexible and convenient for our customers in IG2. The house clearance service we offer is quick and efficient. Our clearance teams will strip the place of its contents in a matter of hours without risk of property damage or personal injury. Premises will be swept out upon completion of the service.

When it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness of our rubbish removals in Gants Hill customers can be rest assured that junk we collect ends up where it should not in creeks and paddocks. We have permission for using all junk depots in London where we deposit recyclables for further processing.

Call and book a rubbish removal team in Gants Hill

In terms of cost, our junk removals in Gants Hill are moderately priced and cost effective. We offer customised pricing and only charge for rubbish actually removed. There are no hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. For more accurate quoting we come out to you for a viewing.

Our residential customers receive round the clock assistance via phone and email, flexible booking hours during all days, and no fuss accommodation of last minute booking and late night operations.

These days, Gants Hill is a compact residential and commercial locality, situated on an important transport hub. The area takes its name from former landlord family – the Le Gants. Originally, the family came from town of Ghent in Belgium. Until the end of WWI, Gants Hill was purely agricultural district. After that, the London Corporation using government subsidies, began developing the district. They laid out a two thousand cottage estate on some of the former farmlands. Ten or so years later, The Crown changed its mind and withdrew funding for the extensive project, so there were only about two hundred and twenty cottages built by that time. Some of the land was returned to previous farm owner. The rest of the project wasn’t completed as planned but there many smaller, more affordable homes rapidly being built in the district. One of the local (and later on London) landmarks was the Art Deco Odeon Cinema built in nineteen thirty four.