Rubbish Removal – Enfield Wash, EN3

Attentive Waste Removal EN3 - Enfield WashWhy go through all the stress and hassle of having to do your own rubbish removal when you can have the most reliable and efficient junk removal company in Enfield Wash (that being us!) do the job for you – affordably and without causing you any extra hassles. If this sounds like an offer you are likely to appreciate and take advantage of, here are some key points to consider:
• We work with specially trained and experienced waste management technicians who go about their duties with professional pace, precision and efficiency. There will be no risk of costly delays, property damage or personal injury.
• We are fully licensed, registered and insured. We hold permits for using all London junk and waste processing depots where we deposit all recyclable waste we collect in our day to day work;
• We stick to responsible and sustainable means of removal and disposal of waste. Salvageable waste matter like plastic, paper, glass, metal, wood etc. is handed over for processing by relevant facilities. Valid waste transfer notes will be provided back to customers upon request.
• We are flexible and convenient for our domestic customers in EN3 area: we have good short notice availability, accommodate for last minute bookings and late night operations too. We will visit your property for a preliminary job viewing in order to quote you correctly and structure your junk removal in Enfield Wash in the most efficient and practical way.
• We ensure quick loading times and timely job completion. The company maintains a fleet of special purpose waste removal vehicles of various sizes and load capacity as this allows for more efficiency and flexibility on all jobs.

Typical loading time

Amount of rubbish Time required
Minimal load (less than 500 kg) 10 min
1/3 load (up to 500 kg) 20 min
½ load (up to 750 kg) 30 min
¾ load (up to 1000 kg) 45 min
Full load (up to 1300 kg) 60 min


Excellent rubbish removal and disposal solution for clients in EN3

Our professional rubbish removals in Enfield Wash are cost effective solutions which deliver genuine value for money. We maintain flexible pricing without any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. Customers only pay for rubbish we actually collect.
Junk removal services in Enfield Wash are our field of expertise, we have the capacity and skills to deal effectively with:
• General nonhazardous domestic waste;
• Garage and basement rubbish;
• Garden debris, green refuse, backyard junk;
• After builders/post renovation junk and leftover construction supplies;
• Redundant white goods, old furniture pieces, WEEE waste;
Customers in EN3 can also turn to us for specialised skip hire at excellent prices, no permits or waiting periods required to use the service.

The preferred clearance team working in Enfield Wash

We maintain attentive and punctual customer support over phone and email, available twenty four seven.
Enfield Wash is a north London suburb, part of the Enfield Borough. Enfield Wash has been the site of one of the most intriguing and popular criminal English mysteries of the eighteenth century. Apparently, a housemaid by the name of Elizabeth Canning was kidnapped and kept as prisoner in a loft of one of the local houses. The woman was held captive for a month, and was threatened that she would be forced to prostitute by her captors. One of the local legends also talks about a haunted coach appearing on Bell Lane on moonless nights, usually before Christmas. Apparently the carriage travels quietly, a couple of feet over the road.