Rubbish Removal – Edmonton, N9, N18

Sooner or later every household has to get rid of certain unwanted items like redundant appliances, old furniture, after builders rubbish and others such. In some cases this might be relatively straightforward, other times rounding up and getting rid of household rubbish can be a real challenge. If your household has elaborate waste removal requirements, or you simply don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, by all means turn to the most efficient and reliable junk removal company in Edmonton – us, and enjoy premium domestic waste management services at excellent prices. Our service range is available for booking by all residential customers in the N9 and N18 areas, seven days a week, no exceptions.
Our efficient and flexible junk removal services in Edmonton are the quick, easy and inexpensive way to dispose of different types of household waste, ranging from small bits and pieces of clutter to bulky odd items and all in between. Whether its garage and basement junk you need to get rid of, or clear out after builders rubbish, just let us know and we will make it happen – quickly, safely and affordably.

Fully licensed rubbish removal company in N9

Vetted Junk Removal N9, N18 - EdmontonWe employ specially trained and qualified waste removal technicians who know their work inside out. Our waste removal teams are able to remove waste from anywhere on the premises, including hard to reach areas. In addition to our general purpose junk removals in Edmonton, we also provide large scale services like house clearance and skip hire. Both services are fully customisable and deliver convenience and genuine value for money.
Cost wise, our rubbish removals in Edmonton are just what your household budget needs – we apply flexible pricing to all services and quote each customer individually. For more accurate job estimation we will come out to you for an onsite quotation.

Top notch junk removal and free quotes for Edmonton clients

Since we aim to reduce the environmental toll of consumer society, even if just by a little bit, we implement an extensive recycle and reuse program for all salvageable waste we collect. The program is run in conjunction with London recycling depots, all of which we have permits for.
Our customers enjoy round the clock support, seven days a week, also flexible booking hours during all days, and no-fuss accommodation of last minute bookings and overnight service requests.
Edmonton, now a suburb of London, actually used to be a borough of its own. Nowadays, the former admin district is an overly built-up residential locality. Historically, Edmonton began as an ancient farmstead. The district is mentioned through a detailed record in the Doomsday Book of ten eighty six, back then the area was called Adelmentone. In those days, the administrative divisions around City of London were called hundreds, and at that time Edmonton was the smallest of all hundreds. It contained four smaller areas which were later to become separate suburbs in their own right. Pig farming was the main type of local economy. Next, the district switched to market gardening as City of London was becoming more populous and people needed more agricultural products. Ribbon developments and more housing began appearing in Edmonton during the seventeen hundreds. For a period of time, there were two nuclei of development in the area, they were known as Edmonton Green and Lower Edmonton.