Junk Removal – Collier Row, RM5

Eco-friendly Rubbish Removal RM5 - Collier RowWant to clear your place of all that junk and rubbish? Don’t want to pay a steep price to make it happen? Too much stuff to get rid of on your own? OK, if that’s the case, then you have every reason and excuse to choose from our top quality junk removals in Collier Row, also available to domestic customers throughout the rest of the RM5 area. We specialise in the quick, safe and efficient removal and disposal of all sorts of household rubbish, except for hazardous stuff of course. Apart from that we will be more than capable to round up and get rid of:
• General household rubbish, including those scattered small bits and pieces of clutter;
• After builders and post renovation junk, also leftover construction supplies (no asbestos);
• Garage junk and basement rubbish, including old tools, equipment and machinery;
• Garden rubbish and green refuse of all shapes and sizes;
• Single odd items like old furniture pieces and bulky white goods;
• All types of domestic WEEE waste;
Some of the additional options, part of our list of junk removal services in Collier Row include specialised skip hire. A skip of the necessary size and load capacity will be delivered to your address and then removed as per your personal requirements. There are no permits or waiting periods required to use our skip hire service as we are a fully licensed, registered and insured junk removal company in Collier Row.

Top grade removal of rubbish in Collier Row

Furthermore, we can provide customers with comprehensive property clearances and have everything completed within a matter of hours. The property will be stripped back to bare walls without risk of any damage or costly delays. Our clearance teams will even sweep out the place after completing the job.
We come across lots of salvageable waste in our day to day work and in order to reduce the amount of junk ending up in landfills we recycle and reuse whatever possible. We have permits for using all recycling depots in London. Waste transfer notes will be provided to customers upon request.
In order to keep our rubbish removals in Collier Row affordable and accessible, we maintain flexible pricing applicable to all services. More so, we provide individually prepared quotes for more accuracy. Customers only pay for what we actually collect.

Licensed waste clearance team in RM5

We are a fully licensed, registered and insured junk removal company in Collier Row, we maintain high availability, flexible booking hours, round the clock customer support, and will accommodate for last minute bookings.
Collier Row is part of London’s metropolitan greenbelt and the area has a decent amount of parks and farmland. The area takes its name from the so called colliers – these were charcoal burners, not miners who made their living from the local forest which covered much of the area at the time. It is interesting to note that Collier Row had two same-named manors in the fifteenth and sixteenth century, each on either side of the common. Collier Row was a hamlet of fifty or so houses in the fifteen hundreds, a hundred years later – there were five inns, and many new homes. However, until the opening of Eastern Ave, in nineteen twenty five, Collier Row remained rural and surrounded by farmland.