Junk Removal – Burnt Oak, HA8

Domestic junk removals in Burnt Oak have never been more efficient and affordable! Turn to us and take advantage of top quality rubbish removals in Burnt Oak and the HA8 area without the top cost that usually comes with such services.

We will quickly, safely and efficiently deal with all types of residential property waste ranging from small bits and pieces of clutter to those heavy appliances and bulky old furniture. Please be advised that we do not deal with hazardous waste such as volatiles, explosives, corrosives, strong bases, toxic substances, asbestos etc. apart from that we have it all covered and taken care of so turn to us for removal and disposal of:

  • Garden waste and green refuse;Top Rubbish Collection HA8 - Burnt Oak
  • Garage junk and basement rubbish;
  • Builders rubbish and leftover construction supplies;
  • Old furniture, heavy appliances, odd items;
  • Redundant electronics (as per WEEE Directive);

We can also organise for complete property clearances and make sure the place is stripped of its entire contents in a matter of hours, without risk of damage or any costly delays. Our well organised clearance teams will even sweep out the place after completing the job.

Insured rubbish removal service in HA8

As alternative to our junk removal services in Burnt Oak, we offer specialised skip hire at moderate prices. There are no permits or waiting periods required to use our skip hire as we are a fully licensed, registered and insured waste removal company.

We work closely with all recycling depots across the city which means a large portion of the rubbish we collect is diverted from ending up in landfills through recycling and reuse. If required we will provide a valid waste transfer note back to customers.

Skilled waste clearance workers hire in Burnt Oak

There are many upsides of using our specialised rubbish removal services in Burnt Oak, some of them are:

  • Work carried out by qualified and equipped clearance teams;
  • Quick loading times, timely job completions;
  • Transport of waste in specially equipped rubbish removal vehicles;
  • Access to twenty four seven customer support over phone and email;
  • Flexible scheduling, week round coverage, late night operations & last minute bookings;
  • Custom pricing, onsite quotations;

We are available for booking seven days a week, including Sundays and public holidays.

Burnt Oak shows evidence of Roman habitation dating back to the year three hundred AD. In that period, it is believed the area was in fact a rubbish pit for the local people. However, around the pit, most of the land was arable and was quickly cultivated. By the sixteenth century, pretty much all of the cultivated land was enclosed. In the eighteen hundreds, Burnt Oak showed first signs of modest development. First there was a workhouse for about three hundred and fifty inmates, then there was a school built in the eighteen fifties, then there was a farmhouse. The workhouse though turned into what was Edgware Community Hospital. The farmhouse was still in operation in the nineteen twenties and even had its own cow-keeper. Until nineteen twenty four, Burnt Oak remained mainly rural, then the Tube arrived and the local council announced the construction of the first four thousand homes in the area.