Rubbish Removal – Becontree, RM9

In case you are searching for a sensible, efficient and ecofriendly way to dispose of different types of waste and rubbish littering your property, then you have every reason to use our sustainable and budget-friendly junk removals in Becontree, which are also available to all residential customers in the RM9 postal area.

We have the required technical capacity, service expertise and qualified manpower to handle properly the collection, removal and disposal of a wide variety of rubbish such as after builders junk and leftover construction supplies, garage junk and basement rubbish, garden refuse, old furniture and appliances etc. Please be advised that we do not handle removal and disposal of hazardous waste, though we can arrange for such waste to be collected by the respective authorities.

Residential customers can also turn to us for complete property clearances. We will have the place cleared andReliable Waste Removal RM9 - Becontree swept out in the shortest time possible, without risk of damage or any costly delays.

Green junk disposal solutions in RM9 – Becontree

As mentioned, our rubbish removals in Becontree are a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste. We have permits for using all London waste processing depots, meaning we recycle all suitable items and materials we come across. General waste which cannot be recycled is incinerated in controlled conditions to create heat and energy – not the best option, but much better than tossing it down landfills.

We dispose of old IT equipment and redundant electronics as per the WEEE Directive regulations.

We also try and help those in need through giving items and goods in decent working order to charities.

Our junk removal services in Becontree, give customers the necessary flexibility, convenience and efficiency, here are some key points to consider:

  • Our waste removal options are an excellent alternative to skip hire, though inexpensive and convenient skip hire is also available through us;
  • We work under flexible hours, accommodate last minute requests, maintain good short notice availability including late night operations;
  • We offer prelim job viewings for more accurate service quotes;
  • We maintain round the clock customer support, seven days a week;
  • We provide custom pricing and individually prepared quotes corresponding to the actual scale and complexity of the job;

At the time of its inception, Becontree could have been described as the world’s greatest public housing project. Currently, Becontree is a gigantic council estate covering four square miles of former fields and heaths. The land on which Becontree was built used to be part of the biggest medieval manor in Dagenham, which belonged to the Passelewe family. The district is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of ten eighty six. Moving onward to the twentieth century, London authorities decided to undertake the largest housing construction project ever – right here in Becontree. The intent was to build council housing for more than one hundred thousand people. Rumour has it, that initially Becontree was supposed to be called Beacontree, but the extra ‘A’ letter made the name too long thus it wouldn’t fit on the fixed-size bus stop signs. Though this remains unconfirmed to this day.