Rubbish Removal – Anerley, SE20

If rubbish and junk accumulated at your property is becoming a nuisance to deal with, perhaps you need to resolve the situation through a single, efficient and comprehensive solution – which is our specialised junk removals in Anerley.

Customers throughout the SE20 postal district have access to the most affordable and efficient junk removal services in Anerley. We know what is expected and required of one such service, and we have sure that our rubbish removals in Anerley always deliver.

We have the necessary licensing, permits, insurance and qualification to handle effectively the collection, removal Quality Rubbish Collection SE20 - Anerleyand disposal of pretty much all types of household waste, including but not limited to:

  • Garden rubbish and green refuse;
  • Garage junk, attic and basement rubbish, closet rubbish etc.
  • After builders rubbish, post renovation junk, leftover or discarded construction supplies etc.
  • Complete house clearance solutions available at very reasonable prices;
  • Removal and disposal of single items like old furniture, bulky appliances etc.

We understand and appreciate the importance of ecofriendly, sustainable means of waste disposal, this is why we are very careful with how we deal with rubbish after collection:

  • Redundant electronics and IT equipment is disposed of as per WEEE Directive regulations;
  • Recyclables are processed by respective waste treatment depots – we hold valid permits with all recycling plants in London;
  • General house waste is burnt in controlled environment by specialised incinerators;
  • Salvageable items and goods are given to charities so they reach people in need;

We can arrange for specialised skip hire – delivery and collection as per customer requirements. Or we can be an excellent alternative to skip hire – quick loading times, no waiting periods for collection etc.

Hire rubbish removal specialists in Anerley, SE20

We understand that customers would be looking for the best priced, genuine value for money rubbish removals in Anerley this is why we offer:

  • Fair, individually prepared service quotes;
  • Customised pricing without any hidden fees;
  • Pay for what we actually collect policy;

Some of the additional benefits of using our specialised junk removals in Anerley are:

  • Attentive and helpful customer support available over phone or email, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Flexible booking hours, overnight service requests and excellent short notice availability, preliminary job viewings;

Anerley, situated elven kilometres southeast of Charing Cross, in the London Borough of Bromley was the original site of the famous Crystal Palace – the glass and steel structure built for the Great Exhibition. Anerley has never really existed independently as an area, in fact it used to be an unoccupied part of Henge Common, which was not subject to urban development until the eighteen hundreds. The first urban construction project to be initiated in Anerley was building of a public road in eighteen twenty seven. The first ever residential building to be constructed in Anerley was Anerley House. The mansion belonged to a Scottish silk manufacturer and it was the only house in the area. The word ‘anerley’ means solely or only in Scottish, indicating there was only one home in the district. Subsequently, the road through the area, also become known as Anerley Road.