Junk Removal – Aldgate, EC3

When it comes to efficient, reliable and affordable waste removal services, we are the company you need! We have the necessary technical capacity, expertise and manpower to organise, conduct and complete successfully all types of residential junk removals in Aldgate and the rest of the EC3 area.

We deal effectively with a wide range of customer requirements, and cover the entire clearance process from start to end. We have the necessary means and expertise to collect, remove and dispose of:

  • General house rubbish;
  • Green waste and garden refuse;
  • After builders junk and post renovation rubbish (no asbestos);
  • Garage junk, basement and attic rubbish etc.
  • Complete domestic clearances;
  • Removal and disposal of single pieces of junk like old furniture, heavy appliances

Our rubbish removals in Adlgate include efficient collection, speedy removal and responsible disposal of wasteOrganised Rubbish Clearance EC3 - Aldgate we come across. We are very efficient and thorough in our work, here is a quick overview of how we do things:

  • We separate general waste from recyclables and salvageable materials and items;
  • General waste is given to incinerators where it is burnt in order to create heat and energy for homes and businesses;
  • Recyclables are given to specialised waste depots where they are processed into useful raw materials once again;
  • Items, good and appliances in decent working order are given to charities where they are reconditioned and made available to people in need.

Expert rubbish removal team in Aldgate, EC3

Our specialised junk removal services in Aldgate are specially designed service solutions which provide customers with important advantages which shouldn’t be overlooked:

  • Large scale removals overseen by specially qualified coordinators;
  • We are fully licensed, insured and qualified for domestic junk removals in EC3;
  • We hold work permits with all London waste processing depots;
  • We maintain good short notice availability, flexible booking hours seven days a week;
  • We arrange for overnight and evening waste clearances at no change of price;
  • We organise for prelim job viewings in order to quote correctly and be more efficient;
  • Quick loading times, no unexpected delays, timely job completions;

By using our junk removals in Aldgate, customers also receive:

  • Attentive and helpful round the clock support, available seven days a week;
  • Custom pricing, fair quotes, no hidden fees;
  • Convenient service times which work around your schedule;

Aldgate is a ward, administratively and geographically part of the City of London, it is situated parallel to Hornchurch. Originally, Aldgate (as its name suggests) was indeed a gate, namely the eastern gateway trough the London Wall. The gate led from City of London to Whitechapel, and London’s East End. Through the centuries, the name Aldgate has stirred some debate amongst historians as there are two conflicting theories as to where it originates from. Geographically, modern day Aldgate occupies the area around the large traffic roundabout just east of the original gate location, however some people limit Aldgate to Aldgate High St only. One end of Aldgate is also known as Gardiners Corner, epithet referring to a long-gone department store. In nineteen ninety two, Aldgate suffered a bomb attack by the Provisional IRA.