East London Rubbish Depots

We, at Laurel London, have valid permits that allow us to use East London rubbish depots. That is why we can guarantee to provide out East London clients with a comprehensive selection of rubbish collection services, some of the most popular of which include:

  • Domestic waste collection
  • Garden clearance
  • Garage rubbish removal
  • Junk clearance

East London rubbish depots that comply with all standards

Our clients can rest assured that we rely only on rubbish depots in East London that comply with all inspection and technical requirements. The disposal sites which we use are properly registered and have all the necessary permits. As a result, our waste clearance solutions in East London do not endanger the health and wellbeing of humans. Also, our junk clearance methods do not cause harm to the environment. Nevertheless, the services that we offer are budget-friendly since we are able to transport the waste to an East London rubbish depot that is located closest to the site from which the rubbish was collected.

Short notice rubbish removal – anywhere in East London

Junk Removal Team in HA3, HA7 – Belmont
Junk Removal Team in HA5 – Hatch End
Junk Removal Team in HA8 – Burnt Oak
Junk Removal Team in TW1 – Eel Pie Island
Junk Removal Team in TW12 – Hampton Hill
Junk Removal Team in TW13, TW14 – Feltham
Junk Removal Team in TW5 – Heston
Junk Removal Team in UB3 – Harlington
Junk Removal Team in UB3, UB4 – Hayes
Junk Removal Team in UB9 – Harefield
Junk Removal Team in W1 – Chinatown
Junk Removal Team in W3, W4 – Acton
Junk Removal Team in W4 – Chiswick
Junk Removal Team in W7 – Hanwell

Swift business waste collection in East London

Laurel London provides speedy commercial clearance services in East London. We have an advanced and well-maintained armada of rubbish vehicles that are incredibly fast. They are suitable for the collection IT equipment, specialised machines, paper, office furniture and etc. Our team of dedicated rubbish collection experts is formally trained to remove waste from an extensive range of commercial properties like restaurants, shops, workplaces, warehouses and more. We charge in a reasonable manner since we offer personalised quotes that are based on the character and scale of the business waste clearance jobs, as well as on the client’s budget.

Main rubbish depots in East London

East London has many junk depots on its territory. All boroughs that make up this part of the English capital have at least one big rubbish and recycling facility. The only exception here is the London Borough of Hackney which no longer has a junk depot.

Most rubbish facilities in East London are open seven days of the week and are closed only on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. There is one, however, that accepts junk even on these big holidays – the rubbish depots on Yabsley Street. It is situated in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and does not collect industrial and commercial waste but it takes an impressive range of other general and domestic items and materials like electrical appliances, scrap metal, wood, furniture, as well as green garden waste. For a junk depot, it is incredibly secure since it has a modern alarm and is under a constant video surveillance.

The junk depots on Kings Road and South Access Road are also set in East London. Both of them accept mainly household waste and do not work with residual or trade waste. Another thing that these two facilities have in common is that each of them is located in the borough of Waltham Forest.

Set in a very close proximity to East London are also the rubbish depots on Jenkins Lane, Fritzlands Lane and Chigwell Road.